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With the long-standing experience gained in a variety of projects and our new machinery park, we will respond appropriately to any requirement.

We at Tabi DV partner with many international consortia and we will respond adequately to every client's wish, we will satisfy every customer's needs and we will be happy to develop long-term partnerships with each and every one of us.


We at Tabi DV can offer you service, production and installation of spare parts for HLP lines, KDF 1 and KDF 2, MARK 8, MARK 9, MARK 9-5, MAX-3; MAX-5; MAX-S. Thanks to our team of professionals, Tabi DV can recycle, install and service machines or lines like the big ones in this industry by not compromising our quality and striving to satisfy any of our future and current customers.

We are always ready to meet your high quality requirements as well as to develop a product specifically for you.